2nd hand items for sale

I am selling some items from my personal collection that I rarely ever listen to, in order to make space for more stuff. This list should be quite up-to-date most of the time.

The prices are marked first, before the item. The currency is euro. Prices do not include postage. Accepted payment methods: IBAN bank transfer, Paypal. Processing fees will be added to orders paid with PayPal. To facilitate the process, please mention the preferred payment method when ordering.

If you are interested in trades, see my wantlist below. I might consider buying items marked with exclamation marks.

Contact: patchaki@gmail.com

For the time being, some of the descriptions are in Finnish. I’ll translate them later.

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4,0e 2PAC: Greatest Hits (2CD; rap)
4,0e 20.SV: Apocalyptic Desert (industrial noise; brand new item – still sealed!)
4,0e 5 ROYALES, THE: Right Around The Corner (doo-wop)
3,0e 50 CENT: Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ (rap)
1,0e 51KOODIA: Nimetty
1,0e 51KOODIA: Mustat Sydämet
0,5e A GRUESOME FIND: Ravens Of The Full Moon Eclipse (CDr; US black/death metal, demo)
3,0e A GRUESOME FIND: The Fire That Burns In Hell (US black/death metal)
3,0e A GRUESOME FIND: Minions Engage (US black/death metal)
3,0e ABSTRRAKT TORRMENT: The Will To Torture (cdr; noise/dark ambient/industrial)
3,0e ACCURSED: Weapon Be Thy Name (Australian death/thrash/black metal)
4,0e ADELE: 19 (2CD:n re-release)
4,0e ADELE: 21
1,0e ALANNAH MYLES: s/t (rock)
3,0e ALICE COOPER: Classicks
4,0e ALLERSEELEN/SANGRE CAVALLUM: Barco Do Vinho (split, neofolk)
3,0e ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, THE: At Fillmore East (live)
0,5e AMERICAN PSYCHO: Industrial Darkwave Inspired By The Classic Book (industrial)
3,0e ANGELIC UPSTARTS: The EMI Years (punk/oi)
5,0e ANGERS CURSE: s/t (Swedish hardcore)
5,0e ANTI-FLAG: American Spring (punk)
6,0e AOM (ALL OVER MANIACS): Kohtalon Disko (punk)
3,0e APOCALYPTICA: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
3,0e ARCADE FIRE: Neon Bible
2,0e AS ALL DIE: Failure Of Human Spirit (Neofolk/Dark Ambient)
7,0e ASTRO ZOMBIES: Frog Legs (psychobilly)
10,0e BAGADOU STOURM/D.S.H.: split (French rac)
6,0e BARKING DOGS: Royal Aces (German oi/rac; small misprint on cover)
7,0e BASTARD SONS OF CAVAN: Masks, Megaphones & Mayhem!! (psychobilly)
0,5e BEERTRAPS, THE: s/t (CDr, sleazy rock n roll)
0,1e BEETHOVEN: Clasicos Imprescindibles
0,1e BELETH/WINGS OF WAR: The Flame Of Evil (CDr; black metal)
1,0e BENEFACTOR DECEASE: Anatomy Of An Angel (technical thrash metal)
0,1e BERLIN: Extended Version (lo-fi live)
5,0e BESTIAL MOCKERY: Slaying The Life (black metal)
8,0e BETTER DEAD THAN RED: Marx Was Wrong (rac)
2,0e BHAOBHAN SIDHE: Gas Chamber Music (synth stuff)
4,0e BIRTHDAY PARTY, THE: Hits (Nick Cave!)
7,0e BISSON AND THE VIKINGS/FILOPATRIA: Vikings Meets The Spartans (split; swe/gre split rac)
8,0e BLOOD RED EAGLE: Return To Asgard (viking rock/rac)
8,0e BLOOD RED EAGLE: Burning Down The Churches (viking rock/rac)
8,0e BLUE CATS, THE: The Tunnel (neobilly)
4,0e BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Live In Chicago 2CD (live from 2002)
3,0e BLUEGRASS STUFF: The Old Bridge (bluegrass)
0,5e BLUES BROTHERS BAND, THE: Live In Montreux
3,0e BOB MALMSTRÖM: Vi Kommer I Krig (metallic hardcore)
4,0e BOB SEGER: Beautiful Loser (rock)
4,0e BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND: Night Moves (rock)
2,0e BON JOVI: Crossroad (compilation)
3,0e BONSAI KITTEN: Mindcraft (psychobilly/punk)
7,0e BROKK/ENHÄRJARNA: I Frostdimmans Hemvist (split; viking rock)
1,5e BUDDY HOLLY: The Very Best Of… (2CD; a comprehensive and classy release from budget label Not Now)
15,0e BULLDOG BREED: The Complete Collection 1994-2002 (2CD, rac)
3,0e BUZZ OFF EVIL: The Rape And Revenge Of… (horror punk)
2,0e C. ROWN AND THE CORONETS: Give Me A Taste! (rockabilly)
5,0e CAPLETON: More Fire
7,0e CARCEREDURO: D’éstoc Et De Taille (viking rock)
2,5e CENTINEX: Hellbrigade (Swedish death metal)
1,0e CHRIS REA: The Best Of…
5,0e CHRIST AGONY: Darkside (dark/black metal)
7,0e CHUCK MEAD: Free State Serenade (country)
7,0e CLANDESTINE BLAZE: Fire Burns In Our Hearts (3rd ed, black metal)
7,0e CLANDESTINE BLAZE: Deliverers Of Faith (black metal)
4,0e CLASH, THE: s/t (bio-degradable digipak; this is the UK version of the album. Essential punk classic)
4,0e CLO GOELACH: Baltic Filth (CDr; power electronics)
7,0e CODE 1: You Won’t Beat Us (oi!)
4,0e COLDBURN: Down In The Dumps (hardcore)
5,0e CORROSIVE CARCASS: Forsaken Lands (death metal)
5,0e COUNTRY DARK, THE: Hypnic Jerk (country)
4,0e CREMATORS, THE: The New Breed (psychobilly)
5,0e CRIMINAL INTENT: Thug Rock (US oi)
0,1e CRISTAL SNOW: The Prophecy Of…
2,0e DAGGERPLAY: Urban Campfire Songs (punk)
3,0e DAUNTLESS: Death Row Poet (death/thrash metal)
6,0e DAVE ALVIN & PHIL ALVIN: Common Ground (blues)
4,0e DEAD WEATHER, THE: Dodge And Burn (garage rock, Jack White’s band)
5,0e DEAFNESS BY NOISE: Noize Deaf Forever/Roots Baby Roots (hardcore)
6,0e DEEZ NUTS: Binge & Purgatory (hardcore)
7,0e DER BLUTHARSCH AND THE INFINITE CHURCH OF THE LEADING HAND: The Cosmic Trigger (2CD, psychedelic rock/electronica)
8,0e DER BRETONISCHE WAFFENVERBAND: 20 And Déjà! (French rac)
5,0e DESOLATED: The End (metallic hardcore)
1,0e DIE SO FLUID: Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending (nu metallish stuff)
3,0e DILLIGAFS, THE: Hamina (CDr, oi/street punk)
5,0e DILLIGAFS, THE: Bad Boy Rock ‘n’ Roll (punk)
1,0e DISKREPANT: Ex Machina Libertas (industrial)
1,5e DOCTOR’S ORDER: Mean Business (rock ‘n’ roll/rhythm ‘n’ blues/etc.)
1,0e DOEL BROTHERS, THE: Oh, Brother It’s The Doel Brothers (country/rockabilly)
1,0e DOOBIE BROTHERS, THE: Listen To The Music – The Very Best Of… (souther rock, blue eyed soul)
3,0e DREAR/GREAT AMERICAN DESERT: Warring Against The Sun/Solipsis (black/doom metal split)
2,0e DUSTY SPRINGFIELD: Dusty In Memphis (re-release)
2,0e EDDIE RABBITT: The Platinum Collection (country)
3,0e END OF YOU: Unreal (gothic metal)
3,0e END OF YOU: Mimesis (gothic metal)
3,0e END OF YOU: Remains Of The Day (gothic metal)
8,0e ENDSTUFE: Steht Auf! (German oi/rac)
4,0e ENEMIES: Framing Choices To Silence Our Voices (hardcore)
2,0e ENIGMA: MCMXC a.D. Limited Edition (new age tms., special version w. hologram cover and four bonus tracks)
2,0e ENIGMA: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (new age tms.)
1,0e ENYA: The Memory Of Trees
1,0e ENYA: Paint The Sky With Stars – The Best Of…
1,0e EXIT WOUNDS: Deathpoint (CDr demo; death metal)
6,0e EXOTOENDO: Push Kara (ritualistic dark ambient)
4,0e EXTINCTION: The Black Hex (Abruptum-style black metal noise)
4,0e EXTINCTION: Down Below The Fog (black metal)
5,0e FALLBRAWL: Chaos Reigns (metallic hardcore)
1,0e FEILED: Midnight Poems (HIM-style rock)
1,0e FEILED: Testify
4,0e FIST OF STEEL: Sons Of Brazil (rac)
5,0e FIVE KEYS, THE: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (2CD, doo-wop)
5,0e FLESH ROXON: Flesh To The Bone (psychobilly)
6,0e FORBIDDEN RAGE: Oi! The End (oi; side project of Bisson from Steelcapped Strength)
2,0e FRAGILEHOLLOW: Effete Mind
3,0e FRANKIE LAINE: Rawhide (Compilation w. 28 tracks, including his most famous c&w hits)
9,0e FREKE: Tag Till Vapen (rac)
3,0e FRIED OKRA BAND: Back Into The River (blues)
8,0e GARROTA: Dalla Parte Sbagliata (oi/rac; Italy)
8,0e GARROTA: L’ora Del Riscatto (oi/rac; Italy)
1,0e GARTH BROOKS: Sevens (popcountry)
4,0e GARY NUMAN: New Anger (synthpop)
1,0e GENE VINCENT: s/t (Classy budget compilation by Starlite w. 17 tracks)
1,0e GENERIC: Torture (industrial)
2,0e GEORGE BARNES: Quiet! Gibson At Work 1938-1957 (2CD; blues/jazz/tms.)
3,0e GERARD WAY: Hesitant Alien (pop)
2,5e GLENN MILLER: The Very Best Of Glenn Miller (2CD compilation w. 48 tracks; swing)
6,0e GNAW THEIR TONGUES: All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity (black noise; new item – still sealed!)
6,0e GNAW THEIR TONGUES: Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus (black noise; new item – still sealed!)
4,0e GO GO CULT, THE: The Beat Of The… (garage/punk/psychobilly)
4,0e GOGOL BORDELLO: Super Taranta! (“gypsy punk”)
0,5e GOLD DUST: Hard Love (cdr, 80’s hard rock/heavy metal)
0,1e GORATH/TOD: Haunting The December Chords/Black Vengeance (cdr; black metal)
4,0e GRAMARY: Death Inbound (black metal)
2,0e GRAYSCALE: When The Ghosts Are Gone
2,0e GRUNTSPLATTER/SLOWVENT: split (noise/industrial)
4,0e GUADAÑA: s/t (oi!)
1,0e GULAGGH: Vorkuta (ambient/minimal/mitälie, ex-Stalaggh)
5,0e GUNS N’ ROSES: The Spaghetti Incident
5,0e GUY MITCHELL: The Best Of… (24 biisin kokoelma; easy listening tms.)
4,0e HAMMEMIT: Nature Mystic (ex-Emit; ambient/minimal)
1,0e HANK LOCKLIN: Please Help Me I’m Falling (country)
3,0e HANK SNOW: RCA Country Legends (country)
0,1e HANNA PAKARINEN: Stronger
4,0e HARD RESISTANCE: Euphemism (hardcore)
5,0e HARM/SHELTER: Paycheck (hardcore)
8,0e HATE CRIME: Live! (Suomi-rac)
6,0e HAYDEN THOMPSON: Learning The Game (rockabilly)
2,0e HAYLEYS, THE: Rotanpesä (sleazy rock-punk-metal)
1,0e HEAD ON: Changing Shape (punk/rock ‘n’ roll)
0,5e HELL ICON: Asperitas Et Auctoritas Tuae, Quae Sunt Magistris Nostris In Motu Ad Te (CDr; black metal-kakofoniaa Abruptumin hengessä)
1,0e HELP ME DEVIL: Lokanta Hell (rock & roll/rockabilly)
1,0e HELLBOX: Infernothing (black/thrash metal)
5,0e HERO DISHONEST: Liha Ja Teräs (hardcore)
3,0e HOIST, THE: Pretty Sue Is Dead (Finnish oi!)
5,0e HOLE IN THE HEAD: Primitive Love (neobilly)
0,5e HONEYBEES, THE: In The Key Of Bee! (rockabilly)
8,0e HONOR/GRAVELAND: Raiders Of Revenge (rac vs. black metal)
1,5e HOT KOMMUNIST: 21. Sajandi Kodu (post-punk/weird rock/tms., JMKE members)
3,0e HOUSE OF PAIN: s/t (rap)
3,0e HOUSE OF PAIN: Same As It Ever Was (rap)
4,0e ICE CUBE: Death Certificate (rap)
1,0e IGGY POP: Collections (10 song collection w. stuff from 1979-1981)
2,0e INTERPOL: s/t
9,0e INVOLVED PATRIOTS: Vinlandic Saga (rac, kokoelma)
2,0e IRON BUTTERFLY: In A Gadda Da Vida (60’s rock, apparently bootleg/unofficial early 90’s German pressing)
2,0e IRON MAIDEN: Dance Of Death
1,5e ISMO ALANKO: Hitit
3,0e J. HEARTHILL TRINITY: From Here To Trinity (folk/country)
4,0e JASON JAMES: s/t (country)
4,0e JET BLACK COMBO: Southern Style (rockabilly)
4,0e JET BLACK COMBO: s/t (rockabilly)
1,0e JOAN BAEZ: Songbird (2CD, kokoelma; folk)
9,0e JOHNNY LEGEND: The Rollin’ Rock Recordings (rockabilly)
1,0e JUICE NEWTON: Greatest Hits (country)
5,0e JULMA H: s/t (suomi-rap)
1,0e KADAVER: Molested Into From (Noise)
3,0e KAVE: Dismal Radiance (dark ambient)
3,0e KEEP THE PROMISE: A Peaceful Mission Of War (metalcore)
1,0e KENNY CHESNEY: Welcome To The Fishbowl
3,0e KENNY DAVIN FINE: Brand New Road (country)
0,1e KENNY ROGERS: Legendary Gold 2CD
2,0e KING JAMES AND THE IDIOTS: Wicky Wacky (garage)
0,5e KING STAR: Sick Of Being Sick/The Masquerade (pop punk; cdr)
4,0e KISS: Revenge
1,0e KLINIKAL SKUM: Chosen Powerless (death industrial/dark ambient)
3,0e KOTITEOLLISUUS: Tomusta Ja Tuhkasta
3,0e KOTITEOLLISUUS: Helvetistä Itään
8,0e KNUCKLES: First Fury (Finnish psychobilly)
3,0e KRAFTHEIM: s/t (oi/viikinkirokki)
0,5e L-RYHMÄ: Mestaajat Areenalla (EP/single)
2,0e LADY LUCK COMBO: Waiting For A Train (rockabilly)
8,0e LARRY PENINSULA: Country Music Only (Finnish country)
8,0e LEMOVICE: s/t (oi/rac)
0,5e LIETEALLAS: Kakkonen (cdr, punk)
0,5e LIETEALLAS: Routa (cdr, punk)
5,0e LINK WRAY: The Rumbling Guitar Sound Of… (2CD, Not Now:n kokoelma)
4,0e LOST BOOTS: Come Cold, Come Wind (bluesy alt rock)
6,0e LOUIE SETZER: Jukebox Bluegrass (country)
4,0e LUCKY TUBB: Hillbilly Fever (country)
4,0e LUCKY TUBB: Del Gaucho (country)
5,0e MAC CURTIS: Songs I Wish I Wrote (rockabilly/country)
15,0e MACHT & EHRE: Best Of… (German heavy RAC; 2CD)
0,1e MADONNA: Wild Dancing
5,0e MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT: Underground Allegiance (US oi)
6,0e MANIA: Ultra-Negative (harsh noise/power electronics)
0,1e MANZANA: Falling To Pieces (single)
1,5e MARILYN MONROE: I Wanna Be Loved By You (2CD kokoelma)
2,0e MARCHLAND: In Guns We Trust (melometalli)
1,0e MARLON BRÄNDÖ: Greetings From The Mainstream (alt. rock)
1,0e MATHURESH: Metaphor (drum n bass tms)
3,0e MEGADETH: Youthanasia
3,0e MELENA: Murretaan Ja Vallataan! (punk)
5,0e METALLICA: Reload
4,0e METSATÖLL: Hiiekoda (eestihevi)
1,0e MICROCLOCKS: Soon Before Sundown (hard rock/metal)
8,0e MIDGÅRDS SÖNER: Nordens Kall (viking rock/rac classic, German edition w. three bonus tracks)
3,0e MIDNIGHT OIL: Blue Sky Mining
3,0e MIDNIGHT OIL: Diesel And Dust
0,1e MIKE OLDFIELD: Earth Moving
4,0e MILES DAVIS: The Essential… (2CD kokoelma, jazz)
0,5e MIMICA: Failing Youth (cdr, emo/screamo/hardcore)
3,0e MINISTRY: The Land Of Rape And Honey (industrial metal)
4,0e MODERN ENGLISH: Life In The Gladhouse 1980-1984 (kokoelma; post-punk/new wave)
1,0e MODERNISTIT: Historia Oli Eilen (suomirock/pop)
7,0e MOLOTH: Sturm (nsbm, live)
6,0e M.O.R.A.: s/t (hardcore)
5,0e MORTUARY DRAPE: Buried In Time (black heavy metal)
3,0e MURDEROUS VISION: The Times Without Gods (dark ambient)
2,0e MUSCULUS: Six Pack (stoner/metal)
4,0e MUTANT APE: Worlds Collide (CDr, noise)
2,0e NAS: Nastradamus (rap)
5,0e NASTY: Shokka (metallinen hardcore)
2,0e NATIONAL, THE: Alligator
0,5e NELJÄ RUUSUA: Haloo
1,0e NEW DAWN FOUNDATION: Moment Of Clarity
4,0e NEW WATERS: Venture (hardcore)
3,0e NIK KERSHAW: Then & Now (kokoelma, kasaripop)
4,0e NINE INCH NAILS: Pretty Hate Machine
4,0e NINE INCH NAILS: The Downward Spiral
4,0e NINNI POIJÄRVI: Virta (folk/country)
3,0e NIRVANA: Nevermind
6,0e NITROVOLT: Dirty Wings (thrashing action rock)
9,0e NOKTURNAL MORTUM: Lunar Poetry (black metal; The End Records-versio)
7,0e NOKTURNAL MORTUM: Мировоззрение (Weltanschauung-levyn ukrainankielinen versio; black metal)
4,0e NOLAN STRONG & THE DIABLOS: Folr Old Times Sake – The Complete Early Sides (r&b, doo wop)
6,0e NORM AND THE NIGHTMAREZ: Psychobilly D.N.A. (psychobilly)
0,5e NUCLEAR HAMMER: In The Name Of Pain (CDr, demo; black metal)
5,0e ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS: 20 Years Of Attitude (2CD; hardcore)
5,0e OPPRESSED, THE: Music For Hooligans (oi)
0,1e ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK: Stand Above Me (pop; single)
3,0e OWL: Tapes 97-99 (noise)
4,0e PAGAN WINTER: The Cult Of Flesh (usbm)
1,0e PALE ROSES: The Rutted Road (neofolk)
6,0e PARIS VIOLENCE: Ni Fleurs Ni Couronnes (oi/post punk)
0,5e PAUL GAYTEN: Ain’t Nothin’ Happenin’ (blues/r’n’b)
4,0e PAYBACK: Bring It Back! (hardcore)
6,0e PERTTI KURIKAN NIMIPÄIVÄT: The Best Of Greatest Hits (Finnish punk)
7,0e PITMEN: Back To The Pit (German psychobilly)
6,0e POHJAST: Thou Strong, Stern Death (epic metal)
5,0e PRAYING FOR OBLIVION: Turm Schweigen (power electronics)
4,0e PSYCHWARD BREAKOUTS: s/t (Swedish psychobilly)
0,5e PUFF DADDY & THE FAMILY: No Way Out (rap)
4,0e QUARANTEDS, THE: World Wide Quarantine (psychobilly)
2,0e RAINBOW: Pot Of Gold
1,0e RANDY TRAVIS: Full Circle (popkantri)
6,0e RAZORBLADE: Gegen Die Masse (oi)
3,0e REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS, THE: Dark Days Dark Nights (rockabilly)
3,0e REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS, THE: Rockabilly Deluxe (rockabilly)
1,0e RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: One Hot Minute
0,5e RICK TREVINO: Looking For The Light (country)
3,0e ROD STEWART: Some Guys Have All The Luck (2CD compilation)
1,0e ROLLINGEXILE: Hardline (rock)
11,0e ROY ACUFF: KIng Of Country Music (4CD, country)
3,0e RUBBER CHUKKS: Queen Of Hell! (rockabilly/neobilly)
3,0e RUDY GREEN: Wild Life! (blues)
6,0e RUMBLE ON THE BEACH: The Early Years 1985-1988 (neobilly)
0,1e RUTTOLAPSET: Vala (cdr, demo; death metal)
6,0e RYKER’S: Hard To The Core (hardcore)
6,0e RYKER’S: Never Meant To Last (hardcore)
6,0e SALVATION: Resurrect The Tradition (hardcore)
7,0e SAXON: Into The Labyrinth (CD+DVD)
1,0e SCHLENSAG: Persona (CDr, saksalaista country/folkkia)
5,0e SCUM: The Fights Goes On (The Collection) (oi; pre-March Or Die)
3,0e SEASON OF WAR: Sordid Tales (cdr; industrial)
2,0e SHAMRAIN: Deeper Into The Night
5,0e SHUB NIGGURATH: Horror Creatures (death metal)
10,0e SICK SEED: The Great Corrupter (Finnish power electronics – essential album!)
1,5e SIGNMARK: s/t CD + DVD
5,0e SIN KINGS: Chelsea Smile (psychobilly)
0,5e SISÄILMAONGELMA: Miten Tämän Saa Loppumaan (CDr, punk)
1,0e SKREPPERS, THE: Stilettos (punk-rockabilly)
6,0e SKYCLAD: Another Fine Mess (acoustic stuff and live stuff)
2,0e SNOOP DOGG: Tha Last Meal (rap)
7,0e SOPOR AETERNUS & THE ENSEMBLE OF SHADOWS: …Ich Töte Mich Jedesmal Aufs Neue, Doch Ich Bin Unsterblich, Und Ich Erstehe Wieder Auf; In Einer Vision Des Untergangs… (darkwave/gothic, compilation)
5,0e SPADE COOLEY: Swingin’ The Devils Dream (2CD, western swing)
7,0e SPEARHEAD: Gotta Keep Fighting (rac)
8,0e S.T.A.B. ELECTRONICS: Born For Righteous Abuse/Temple Of Self-Disgust (power electronics)
2,0e STATLER BROTHERS, THE: An American Legend (country)
7,0e STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES: Exploring The Outer Lesion (cdr; death industrial)
2,0e STEPPENWOLF: The Very Best Of…
4,0e STEVE EARLE: I Feel Alright (country)
1,0e STONETONE: Would Be Warriors (pop punk)
6,5e STRANGLERS: Jump Over My Shadow (2CD kokoelma, liveä ja studiokamaa)
12,0e SURPLUS HUMANITY: Action (2cdr, noise/industrial)
3,0e T-BIRD GANG: It’s Showtime (suomi-rockabilly)
4,0e TEARS FOR FEARS: Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92) (80’s pop, kokoelma)
4,0e TEARS FOR FEARS: Classic (80’s pop, kokoelma)
4,0e TED NUGENT: s/t (remastered re-release)
4,0e TED NUGENT: Cat Scratch Fever (remastered re-release)
7,0e TEMPLARS: Reconquista (oi)
2,5e TENEBRE: Descend From Heaven (mini, gootti/tms.)
17,0e TERETH: Curses Veiled As Voices (cd-r, ritual/dark ambient)
8,0e TERROR: The Damned, The Shamed (hardcore)
8,0e TERRORIZER: World Downfall (classic grindcore)
3,0e THEE MERRY WIDOWS: Revenge Served Cold (girlpower-psychobilly)
5,0e THERION: Lemuria (operatic metal; Russian edition on Irond)
4,0e THROAT: Short Circuit (noise rock)
5,0e TIAMAT: Amanethes (gothic metal; limited edition digipak w. bonus track)
5,0e TIMEBOMB: Streetcore Rock ‘n’ Roll (rac)
1,5e TIMO RAUTIAINEN & TRIO NISKALAUKAUS: Elegia (single; metal)
5,0e TOHTORI KOIRA: Mitä Sieltä Tulee (Finnish punk)
17,0e TOLBIAC’S TOADS: L’Integrale 1981-1994 (2CD, classic French oi)
8,0e TORGEIST: Time Of Sabbath (Black Legions metal; Drakkar re-release from 2008)
6,0e TOWARDS GLOBAL HOLOCAUST/CHRIST DISMEMBERED: Upon Firmaments Of Sacrilege And Genocide (CDr, black metal. Split)
0,5e TRISTANIA: World Of Glass
5,0e TRUE FROST, THE: …In Eternal Strife (black metal)
2,0e UNDERWATER SLEEPING SOCIETY: Instrumental Healthcare (indie)
1,0e VANESSA PARADIS: Divinidylle
1,0e VANILLA ICE: To The Max (rap-klassikko!)
0,5e VANITY-NATION: Collapsing Is Alright (cdr, punk)
2,0e VEHEMENCE: Helping The World To See (death metal)
1,0e VELEHENTOR: Bleaching Of Penury (cdr, harsh noise)
0,1e VELONNIC SIN: s/t (cdr demo, black metal)
10,0e VINLAND WARRIORS: Oath To My Friend (metallic RAC from Canada)
5,0e VIRGIN PRUNES: The Moon Looked Down And Laughed
5,0e VOMIT ARSONIST, THE: Wretch (power electronics)
5,0e VOMIT ORCHESTRA: Macabre Paradigm (2CD)
4,0e VOODOO SWING: To You My Friend (rockabilly)
8,0e WATAIN: Casus Luciferi (black metal)
8,0e WATAIN: Sworn To The Dark (black metal)
2,0e WATCH YOUR BACK: Traditional (hc)
2,0e WAYNE WALKER: How Do You Think I Feel?
7,0e WEST TEXAS CRUDE: Guess What (rockabilly)
2,0e WILD GONERS, THE: Got What It Takes (rockabilly)
4,0e WILLIE NELSON: Stardust (2CD uusintajulkaisu)
4,0e WILLIE NELSON: Moment Of Forever
4,0e WILLIE NELSON: Let’s Face The Music And Dance
1,0e WILLIE NELSON: The Best Of… (18 biisin halpiskokoelma)
3,0e WITCHDOKTORS, THE: Voodoo Eye (garage punk)
5,0e WITHERED: Memento Mori (death metal)
5,0e WOODY GUTHRIE: This Machine Kills Fascists (3CD boksi)
4,0e WU-TANG CLAN: 8 Diagrams (CD+DVD)
2,0e XZIBIT: Restless (rap)
3,0e YES: The Ultimate Yes (2CD kokoelma)
2,0e YUP: Normaalien Maihinnousu
2,0e ZINC ROOM: In Wooden Room (dark ambient)
4,0e ZZ TOP: ZZ Top’s First Album
40,0e V/A: ABC Of The Blues (52CD, blues; huuliharppu puuttuu)
0,5e V/A: Black Whole Styles (hip hop/rap)
3,0e V/A: Cole Porter – The Essential Collection (2CD, Cole Porterin sävellyksiä mm. Fred Astairen, Frances Dayn, Perry Comon ja Frank Sinatran esittämänä)
2,0e V/A: Country Hall Of Fame 2 (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels Band, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton jne.)
1,0e V/A: Country Legends (Hank Williams, Gene Autry, Spade Cooley, Porter Wagoner jne.)
0,5e V/A: Dirty Home Of Riot Rock ‘n’ Roll (People Like You-kokis; Roger Miret & The Disasters, Meteors, yms)
10,e V/A: God Save This Box (10CD punkboksi; https://www.discogs.com/Various-God-Save-This-Box/release/986098)
2,0e V/A: Got Them Hill Billy Blues (Vanhaa rock ‘n’ rollia/r’n’b:tä… mm. Chuck Berry, Rosco Gordon, Roy Brown, Joe Clay. Yht. 32 biisiä)
1,0e V/A: Gothic Romance 3 – The Best Goth Love Songs (2CD; Indica, Lacuna Coil, Therion, Nightwish…)
0,5e V/A: Introducing The Rat Pack (3CD; Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin)
1,0e V/A: Live & Jive Legends Vol. 2 (Batmobile, Go Getters, Troubled Three…)
3,0e V/A: Metal On Metal (suomirässikokoelma)
0,1e V/A: Metalliliitto
4,0e V/A: The N.W.A. Legacy Volume 1 (1988-1998) (2CD, rap; kokoelma artisteja jotka tavalla tai toisella liittyvät NWA:han)
3,0e V/A: Over The Top Doo-Wops Vol. 1
1,0e V/A: Saints And Sinners (slipcase; Wolverine Records-kokoelma, mm. Francine, Hybrid Children, Gutter Demons, Sarah Blackwood…)
1,5e V/A: Sign Of The Hammer (2CD; Hammerheart-kokis. Primordial, Macabre, Aura Noir, Dimmu Borgir, Vader…)
0,1e V/A: Soundi 2002 (Yö, Ultra Bra, Apulanta, Charon, Black League…)
2,0e V/A: The Sun Blues Box (blueskokoelma, slipcase)
7,0e V/A: Thanks, Bro: A Tribute To Ken & Brutal Attack (rac)
4,0e V/A: We Will Never Die! Vol. 2 (oi/rac-kokoelma, mm. Sturmtrupp, The Gits, Kampfzone…)


Promo CD’s etc.

(not for sale, ask for these as extras to orders!)
ARSEN ROULETTE: Dear You (promo, takakannen viivakoodi tussattu; rockabilly)
CRYFEMAL: Raising Deads… Buring Alives!! (promo, CDr + valokopioidut kannet; black metal)
DEVIL ‘N’ US, THE: Devil’s Music (promo, normi-jewelcasejulkaisu jossa viivakoodin kohdalla reikä; psychobilly feat. Hellvis of Mad Sin)
EK1: Nibelungen (promo, CDr + kasetin kannet. experimental/ambient tms.)
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE: Death Is Coming (promo, CDr + kansivihko; black metal)
JOE FRUSTRATION: Beat Down Ballads (etukansi puuttuu. HC-äijän akustisia angstailuja)
JUKE JOINT PIMPS: The Gospel Pimps (CD + kansilehtinen. Garage blues trash)
KICKSTARTS: s/t (pelkkä CD. Hardcore)
KRATORNAS: Grave Samples (CDr, viiden biisin promokokoelma vm. 2002-2003 julkaisuilta. Primitiivinen black metal)
LULLACRY: Be My God (Normaali jewelcase-kotelo kansineen, vain CD:ssä on promomerkinnät. Heavy rock)
ORNIAS: Födelse (cdr + lyric sheet; ruotsi-black metal)
ROKY HILL AND THE GARDEN OF DAGGERS: Between The Sessions (slipcase, alternative electronica)
STONETONE: Red To White (CDr, slipcase. Pop punk)
THRONE OF KATARSIS: Helvete – Det Iskalde Morket (CD in plastic slipcase. Black metal)
V/A: Close-Up Made Us Do It (slipcase, promo sampler w. The Haunted, Nasum, Nine etc.)
V/A: Roots! Riot! Rumble! (slipcase; Kitty In A Casket, The Hellfreaks, Bonsai Kitten, Graveyard Johnnies & The Silver Shine etc.)



(condition: vinyl/covers)

4,0e ADAM AND THE ANTS: Kings Of The Wild Frontier [NM/VG+]
8,0e AGGROKNUCKLE: Violent Action – Early AK Complete Tracks [NM/NM] (Japanese oi!)
4,0e AMERICA: Hearts [NM/VG+] (60’s folk rock tms)
3,0e AUTOGRAPH: Sign In Please [VG/VG] (kasariheviä/hard rockia)
6,0e BAD MANNERS: Loonee Tunes! [NM/VG+] (2tone ska)
5,0e BING CROSBY: Live At The London Palladium [VG+/VG+] (2LP, crooner/easy listening/swing)
1,0e BOGART COMPANY: New Games [VG+/VG] (vittu)
8,0e BURIAL HEX/IRON FIST OF THE SUN: Actaeon/Grown Under English Ice [NM/NM] (split, power electronics/industrial/tms.)
23,0e CELTIC FROST: Into The Pandemonium [NM/NM] (Earmark-painos v. 1999)
1,0e CIMARONS, THE: Reggaebility [VG+/VG+] (reggae)
5,0e CRIMINAL INTENT: Thug Rock [NM/NM] (US oi!)
6,0e CRUCIAL CHANGE: So It Begins [NM/NM] (jenkki-oi!)
6,0e CRUCIAL CHANGE: Mourning In America [NM/NM] (EP, jenkki-oi!)
5,0e DISTURBED MOTHER FUCKER: Life Is So Serious [NM/NM] (oi)
3,0e ENIGMA: MCMXC a.D. [VG/VG] (ambient/new age/jne.)
8,0e FIRST STRIKE: Second Wave Of Assault [NM/NM] (US oi!/rac)
5,5e HARD RESISTANCE: Lawless & Disorder [NM/NM] (hardcore)
10,0e JINX, THE: Past And Present [NM/NM] (Swedish oi!/street punk)
12,0e KRIMINALS, THE: s/t [NM/NM] (Italian oi!)
4,0e MACK 10: Bang Or Ball [NM/VG+] (2LP, rap)
4,5e MADDOG SURRENDER: s/t [NM/NM] (jenkki-oi!)
6,0e MATCHBOX: Riders In The Sky [VG+/VG] (rockabilly; Charly re-release from 1978)
8,0e ORGULLO SUR: Sureño, Rural Y Brutal [NM/NM] (oi from Chile)
6,0e PATRONS, THE: We Shall Not Be Moved [NM/NM] (oi)
10,0e RETALIATOR: Order Of Chaos [NM/NM] (oi)
10,0e RETALIATOR: Beyond The Cold Light Of Day [NM/NM] (oi)
8,0e V/A: 20 Rockabilly Hits [VG/VG] (orange transparent vinyl; 80’s Finnish collection of 50’s US rockabilly)
10,0e V/A: Werewolves Of The Night II – Public Enemies Of The Northeast [NM/NM] (US oi/rac)



(all tapes have been played through to verify they work)

0,1e ADIEMUS: Songs Of Sanctuary (new age/ambient/whatever)
5,0e AYMREV ERKROZ PREVRE: Demos I & II (dark ambient)
14,0e BEYOND THE ASYLUM: Zyprexa (blackened industrial noise; brand new item!)
8,0e BIZARRE UPROAR: Private Live 1/1/2011 Helsinki (harsh noise/power electronics)
5,0e BIZARRE UPROAR: Likainen Ehtoollinen (2nd edition; harsh noise/power electronics)
3,0e BLANK FLAGS: Blank Flags (harsh noise walls)
5,0e BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Some Enchanted Evening (classic hard rock; live. Original tape from 1978)
4,0e BRANDKOMMANDO: Liquid Times (power electronics)
4,0e CADAVER GUTTER: Humanity Is Overrated (Finnish power electronics)
4,0e CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION/SSRI: split (power electronics)
5,0e DEAD BODY COLLECTION: The Night (harsh noise wall)
3,0e DEATH HYMEN: Flower Of Flesh And Blood (industrial w. Vrolok & Black Seas Of Infinity members)
1,0e DESCENDRE/NAZI TUMOUR: Desolator (black metal vs. noisecore/whatever weirdness)
2,0e EXCESSUM: Death Redemption (black metal)
1,0e HORROS: Talven Valkeaan (winter synth/dark ambient)
1,0e HYPERBOREAN: Le Grand Maitre (black metal)
1,5e INFERNAL GOAT: Promo 999 (black metal)
18,0e UTUKKU: Among Old Ruins And Creeping Mists (black noise; brand new item!)
9,0e WICKED MESSENGER: Infinite Presence (dark ambient; brand new item!)



1,0e PAUKI, THE: 15 лет за бортом! (musavideoita, livepätkää yms., “beer punk”)
1,0e POACHERS, THE: Lucky 13 Years Of Money Honey (DVDr, bootleg?; live)
3,0e REBEL SCUM (Hated- ja The Story Of Anvil -henkinen dokkari The Dirty Works -punkbändistä)



(unless explitictly specified, any format [CD, vinyl, tape] is OK)

ABIGOR: Nachthymnen, Supreme Immortal Art, Leytmotif Luzifer
ABSU: Barathrum V.I.T.R.I.O.L
ABSURD: tarjoa!
ABYSSOS: Together We Summon The Dark, Fhinstanian Nightbreed
AD HOMINEM: Planet ZOG – The End
ADRAMELECH: Psychostasia, The Fall, Seven, Terror Of Thousand Faces
AGALLOCH: Pale Folklore
AGHAST: Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis
!!! ALGHAZANTH: Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity
ANATOMIA: Dissected Humanity CD/LP
ANCIENT: Svartalvheim
ANTIC CLAY: Hilarious Death Blues
ARDITI: offer!
ARGINE: Umori d’Autunno (Il Filo Spinato E Le Bolle Di Sapone), Le Luci Di Hessdalen
ARVAS: offer!
ASCENDED DEAD: Abhorrent Manifestation
ASTROPHOBOS: Arcane Secrets, Enthroned In Flesh, Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors
BAIN WOLFKIND: Desolation Street
BAPHOMET (US): The Dead Shall Inherit
BAPTISM: offer!
BEAR MACE: Butchering The Colossus
BEASTCRAFT: The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive Devil Worship
BEGRIME EXEMIOUS: The Enslavement Conquest
BEHEXEN: offer!
BELIAL: The Gods Of The Pit Pt. II (Paragon So Below)
BELPHEGOR: The Last Supper, Necrodaemon Terrorsathan, Blutsabbath, Lucifer Incestus, Conjuring The Dead, Totenritual
BENEDICTION: Transcend The Rubicon
BESTIAL MOCKERY: Gospel Of The Insane
BLACK MY HEART: Before The Devil, Fuck Hearts EP
BLOOD CHALICE: Sepulchral Chants Of Self-Destruction
!!! BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Imaginos (LP)
!!! BODY COUNT: Violent Demise LP, singles & EP’s
BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE: s/t EP, Schwarzer Sabbat Für Dean Martin, Mitleid Lady
BURIAL INVOCATION: Rituals Of The Grotesque
CADAVERIC INCUBATOR: Sermons Of The Devouring Dead LP
CAMOUFLAGE: Methods Of Silence
CARPATHIAN FOREST: Defending The Throne Of Evil
CEMETARY: An Evil Shade Of Grey, Godless Beauty
CHTHE’ILIST: Le Dernier Crépuscule
CLITEATER: Scream Bloody Clit, Clit ‘Em All
COFFINS: offer!
COLD CAVE: Cherish The Light Years, A Little Death To Laugh
CONTROLLED BLEEDING: Phlegm Bag Spattered, Bladder Bags And Interludes, Distress Signals (pt’s I & II together or separate), Shanked And Slithering
CONVULSE: Evil Prevails CD
CORPSESSED: The Dagger And The Chalice
COVEN: Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls
DARK FUNERAL: Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus, Where Shadows Forever Reign
DARKTHRONE: Under A Funeral Moon, Total Death (with original cover)
!!! DARKWOOD: offer!
DAWN: offer!
DEAD SOUTH, THE: The Ocean Went Mad And We Were To Blame, Good Company, Illusion & Doubt
DEATH: Leprosy
DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR: True Til Death, Friends Family Forever
!!! DEATH IN JUNE: offer!
DEATHTRIP, THE: Deep Drone Master
DECOMPOSED: Hope Finally Died…
DECORYAH: Fall Dark Waters, Breathing The Blue EP
DEEP PURPLE: Machine Head
DEICIDE: Once Upon The Cross, In Torment In Hell, s/t LP
DER BLAUE REITER: Le Paradis Funebre: l’Envers Du Tristesse, Le Paradis Funebre II: l’Adieu Du Silence, Fragments Of Life Love & War
DER BLUTHARSCH: Time Is Thee Enemy!, The Philosopher’s Stone, Live At The Monastery
DERNIERE VOLONTE: Le Blessures De l’Ombre, Commemoration, Devant Le Miroir
DESASTER: offer!
DESECRESY: The Doom Skeptron
DESOLATOR: Unearthly Monument
DIRT DAUBERS, THE: Wake Up Sinners
DISGUST: A World Of No Beauty, Thrown Into Oblivion, The Horror Of It All
DISSECT: Swallow Swouming Mass
DISMA: Towards The Megalith
EDGE OF SANITY: Nothing But Death Remains, Unorthodox, The Spectral Sorrows, Purgatory Afterglow
ENCOFFINATION: Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh
ENTRAILS: Raging Death, The Tomb Awaits
EPITAPH: Seeming Salvation
EUROPE: The Final Countdown (CD/LP)
EYEHATEGOD: s/t, Southern Discomfort, Preaching The “End-Time” Message
EX DEMENTIA: Thou Shall Repulse, In The Chapters Of Horror, The Red Mass, Crack The Coffin
EXCRUCIATE: Passage Of Life
EXEMPT: Awakening Morbidity
FALKENBACH: Tiurida, Asa
FIRE + ICE: Gilded By The Sun
FLESHCRAWL: Descend Into The Absurd, Bloodsoul
!!! FOGHAT: Live (LP)
FORSETI: Windzeit
FRENZY: Clockwork Toy
FUNERUS: Festering Death
GALVANIZER: Sanguine Vigil (LP)
GG ALLIN: Troubled Troubadour
GHOUL: We Came For The Dead, Splatterthrash
GLUTTONY: Cult Of The Unborn
GORGUTS: Considered Dead
GOREFEST: Mindloss, False, Erase, La Muerte
GRAHAM LINDSEY: Hell Under The Skullbones, We Are All Alone In This Together, Famous Anonymous Wilderness
GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT: Bow Down Before The Blood Court
GRAUMAHD: s/t 7″, Cheru
GRAVELAND: Carpathian Wolves, Thousand Swords, In The Glare Of Burning Churches, Thunderbolts Of The Gods, Following The Voice Of Blood, Impalers Wolves
HADES: The Dawn Of The Dying Sun
HAEMORRHAGE: Hospital Carnage
HANDSOME FAMILY, THE: Wilderness, Unseen
HELHEIM: Blod & Ild
HERETIC: Angelcunts & Devilcocks
HOLLENTHON: With Vilest Of Worms To Dwell
HOODED MENACE: Effigies Of Evil, Darkness Drips Forth
HORDE: Hellig Usvart
ICE-T: Rhyme Pays, Power, Home Invasion, VI: Return Of The Real, The Seventh Deadly Sin
IMPERIUM DEKADENZ: Meadows Of Nostalgia
IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES: Cannula Coma Legio, Ventre
INFESTER: To The Depths In Degradation
INKUBUS SUKKUBUS: Wytches, Belladonna & Aconite
INNUMERABLE FORMS: Punishment In Flesh
!!! JOHNNY CASH: Destination Victoria Station LP, DVD:t, cassettes, vinyls
JUNGLE ROT: Fueled By Hate, Kill On Command
JÄNNERWEIN: Eine Hoffnung, Abendläuten
KARJALAN SISSIT: s/t, Miserere
KAZERIA: offer!
!!! KOMMANDO SKIN: Die Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm
KULT OV AZAZEL: The World The Flesh & The Devil
KVIST: For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike
LANDSER: offer!
LECTERN: Deheadment For Betrayal
LEE PERRY: I Am The Upsetter (CD box)
!!! LEGER DES HEILS: offer!
LURKING FEAR, THE: Out Of The Voiceless Grave
MALEVOLENT CREATION: The Ten Commandments, Retribution, Eternal, Envenomed II
MANILLA ROAD: Crystal Logic
MANOWAR: Into Glory Ride, Louder Than Hell
MARDUK: Nightwing, La Grande Danse Macabre
MASSEMORD: Skogen Kaller
METEOR: Parallel Lives, Inner Demon
MITHOTYN: Gathered Around The Oaken Table
!!! MOONBLOOD: Blut & Krieg/Sob A Lua Do Bode
MORTIFICATION: Scrolls Of The Megilloth
MOTÖRHEAD: Bastards, Iron Fist
MYSTICUM: In The Streams Of Inferno
NAPALM DEATH: Harmony Corruption
NECROVATION: Breed Deadness Blood
NEFANDUS: The Nightwinds Carried Our Names
NEKRO DRUNKZ: Lavatory Carnage
OFFERMOSE: Ofring I Sverige
OPPROBRIUM: Beyond The Unknown, Discerning Forces
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK: Architecture & Morality (CD), Organisation, s/t
!!! ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO: Songs 4 Hate & Devotion
OSTARA: Secret Homeland, The Only Solace
PERCUSSOR: Proclamation Of Hate
PROFANATICA: Disgusting Blasphemies Against God
!!! PUISSANCE: offer!
PURTENANCE: Member Of Immortal Damnation, …To Spread The Flame Of Ancients, Crown Awaits The Immortal, MCMXCI-MCMXCII
PUTERAEON: The Esoteric Order
PUTREVORE: Morphed From Deadbreath, Macabre Kingdom
PYHÄ KUOLEMA: Kevättuulisormi
RAGNAROK: Nattferd
RATSIA: s/t, Elämän Syke
RAVENOUS, THE: Assembled In Blasphemy
RAZORS EDGE: The Flag Still Flies
REVEL IN FLESH: Relics Of The Deathkult
REVOLTING: The Terror Threshold
ROGASH: Supremacy Undone
ROME: offer!
SARASTUS: II – Toinen Tuleminen
SARCOFAGO: The Laws Of Scourge
SARGEIST: offer!
SAXON: offer!
SETHERIAL: Hell Eternal, Endtime Divine, Ekpyrosis, Death Triumphant
SIEBENBÜRGEN: Loreia, Grimjaur
SIX FEET UNDER: Haunted, Maximum Violence
SKELETAL: Dreadful Life
SKINFLICKS, THE: Luxembourg’s Most Hated, Lies Damned Lies And Skinhead Stories
SKITZO: Skitzo Mania
SLACKEYE SLIM: Giving My Bones To The Western Lands
SLAYER: Hell Awaits
SOL INVICTUS: Trees In Winter
SOLBLOT: För Mig Finns Ingen Väg Från Hemmets Dörr, Sommarsång Och Soluppgång
SPELL: Seasons In The Sun
STORMFÅGEL: Arla Gryning, All This Will Pass
STORMNATT: Resurrection Ov The Kult, The Crimson Sacrament
STRAWFOOT: Chasing Locusts
SUFFOCATION: Human Waste, Breeding The Spawn, Blood Oath
SUMMONING: Stronghold
!!! THOSE POOR BASTARDS: Abominations (vinyl)
TOMB MOLD: Primordial Malignity, Manor Of Infinite Forms
TRIUMPHATOR: Wings Of Antichrist
ULTRAVOX: The Collection
UNANIMATED: In The Light Of Darkness
UNDERGANG: Indhentet Af Doden (CD/LP), Til Doden Os Skiller (CD/LP), Misantropologi (CD), Doden Lager Alle Sår (CD/LP)
UNREST: Grindcore
URGEHAL: Aeons In Sodom, Goatcraft Torment
URÐUN: R.I.P. (split w. Taphos Nomos)
VADER: The Art Of War, The Empire, Impressions In Blood, Revelations, Sothis, Tibi Et Igni, The Ultimate Incantation
VALKYRJA: The Invocation Of Demise
VARATHRON: His Majesty At The Swamp, Walpurgisnacht
VELES: offer!
VORUM: Grim Death Awaits
WAR MASTER: Pyramid Of The Necropolis, Blood Dawn
WHITEY MORGAN AND THE 78’S: Honky Tonks And Cheap Motels, Sonic Ranch
WITCH VOMIT: Poisoned Blood
WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM: Black Cascade, Diadem Of 12 Stars
XASTHUR: Nocturnal Poisoning
ZOMBIE RIOT: Reign Of Rotten Flesh
V/A: John Barleycorn Reborn – Dark Britannica