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THIN LIZZY wild oneOne of a vast number of Thin Lizzy best of’s, this is pretty much as good as any other single-disc compendium of the band. For some odd reason it omits the title track Wild One in favour of what I consider a rather throwaway Gary Moore-featuring-Phil Lynott track, Parisienne Walkways, which is a definite minus. Apart from that oddity, this contains the bare essential tracks casual listeners will want: all of those tracks played on adult rock radio stations every day, and focusing more on the rockers than on the bluesy or balladeering stuff. Naturally every fan will miss this or that track, but then again, compilations like this aren’t for fans.

The one track I am glad they’ve decided to include here, though not a Thin Lizzy track, is Gary Moore’s Out In The Fields, prominently featuring Phil Lynott on bass and shared lead vocal duties – a truly blistering 80’s style heavy metal track with an awesome chorus, tasteful synthesizers and some fine lead guitar work. My personal opinion that this is one of the high points of Lynott’s career, Thin Lizzy and solo records included.

Apart from that, this rather cheap looking compilation album is decent enough if all you want are the absolute essentials of one of the all-time greats of rock music. Odds are though, that after you’ve listened to this you’ll want to dig deeper…