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skullhead-return-to-thunderAfter Skullhead split up in the 90’s, former vocalist and front man Kev Turner made the rounds as a techno DJ under the moniker of DJ Techno T, but was eventually outed and, perhaps as a result of this or entirely unrelated to it, Skullhead was reformed and recorded a new album, Return To Thunder.

In contrast to the old albums, the production is quite clear and good, if not quite amazing by any standard. But the music is the same kind of straightforward RAC… suffice to say, Skullhead sounds like Skullhead. The ten or so years spent away from vocal duties hadn’t affected Turner’s singing much, and he still sounds like the same bloke on the old albums, just a bit older. All in all, Return To Thunder is a more than passable return with adequate, catchy songs that do not make any radical departures from the established sound of the band. The material isn’t perhaps up there with their best, but it is still solid through and through.

Some things had, however, changed: the political themes of the songs have been seriously toned down, and apparently Turner and hence the reformed Skullhead saw themselves as a non-political band… how that goes together with performing the old songs live is a bit of a conundrum, but whatever. But it’s not a question of a 180 degree turn, rather the lyrics take a more non-political and personal approach.

Perhaps it’s understandable that some old fans would object to the changes in lyrical approach, but that notwithstanding, Return To Thunder is a fine album and a worthy addition to Skullhead’s discography.