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sam-dave-edsel-twoferLike I’m sure many people of my age, who were born after the soul duo Sam & Dave split, I was introduced to their music via the movie The Blues Brothers. In my mind, that scene where Elwood and Jake drive at night and listen to Sam & Dave is nothing short of iconic in a minor way. Long before I knew what soul was or who sang it, I loved the song based on that short excerpt.

Edsel Records released a two-volume set containing four albums from the duos’ heyday. Here are basically all of their hits and additional single-only bonus tracks and such. These are no budget releases, either, so included are thick booklets with plenty of photos and informative liner notes, both volumes containing separate 4000-word essays. In every way, these are companion releases that are meant to be enjoyed together.

The music is soul at its best; all right, I admit I’m no kind of expert on soul, but still, I’ve yet to encounter a soul artist I like better. Especially the classics, such as Soul ManHold On, I’m Coming and Soothe Me are essential, but there’s plenty of other awesome songs here, such as Soul Sister, Brown Sugar from the bonus tracks off the second volume.

I don’t think there’s much point in dissecting the music since everything that’s to be said about Sam & Dave has already been said by wiser people than me. All I’m going to say in conclusion is,  that as full-price anthologies go, these are definitely worth the money in every way.

And check those moves in the video below…