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Nobody with their sanity intact would question the impact Patti Smith has had on rock music and her rightful status as an icon. Still, I’ve never really gotten into her music and as such I think I’m the kind of person who’d be satisfied with a thorough double disc cut-through of her career. Alas, Land is not the collection I am looking for.

Really, I wonder who is the target audience of this anthology. The first disc contains essential classics such as Dancing Barefoot and Rock N Roll Nigger: the kind of stuff us casual listeners want to have but devoted fans will already have on the original albums. The second disc, on the other hand, contains demo tracks and live recordings, or the kind of stuff a casual listener such as I won’t give a rats’ ass about, but long-time fans would be interested in. So it’s a case of something for everybody turning into not enough for anybody

As far as the music goes, the first disc has a lot of good content but the second disc is full of trivial and uninteresting stuff for me. Not worth the price of a double disc release in other words, unless you find it on heavy discount.