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PALE ROSES rutted roadOf the many zen-like questions in the world, one of the more esoteric ones is “what is the sound of a slightly homosexual slipper singing?” Really, this is the stuff of advanced spiritual studies. Or of listening to French neofolk-act Pale Roses.

So, Pale Roses in a nutshell is rather appalling singing that sounds like a homosexual slipper over a backing of pointless acoustic meandering and lyrics that often border on the ludicrous. Even diehard fans of the genre have to admit that neofolk, as brilliant as it is when all things fall into place, often teeters on the brink of ludicrous self-parody. Pale Roses crosses that line well and truly, and probably completely unintentionally which makes it all the more appropriate. Truth be told, I’m a bit surprised anyone could bear listening through to 51 minutes of this stuff and then decide to pay good money to release it.