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For Swedish Overlord Industries, their second demo was both a defining moment and their lowest point if you ask me. The chaos that the first demo at times was becomes condensed into a budding musical vision, but at the same time, purely musically, it is their blandest and weakest output in their career spanning four demos.

The word here is mechanical. Not industrial, but mechanical. The overarching feel of the demo is one of cold metallic displacement, alienation from everything human and organic. Not a mean feat considering the band did not use electronics or a drum machine!

Musically, there’s less of the black and death metal that was present on the first demo, instead there’s tendency towards clinical sludge with occasional discordant noise rock overtones and slowed-down thrash. The result is, sadly, much less appealing than the first demo was during its best moments. So, ultimately, the second demo was simultaneously a step forward and a step back for the Swedish trio.