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Where the Swedish trios’ second demo, Wissen, Kreativität Und Macht, was musically the low point of their career but saw the band discover their concept, the third demo sees them discover a working musical approach. Where the first demo was something of a chaotic and discordant mix of extreme metal styles, Superunderground Vehicle focuses the style into a mix of black, thrash and death metal that does not forsake the inhumanly industrialized (but not industrial!) feel of the second demo.

If the musical mix is a more conventional one than on the second demo, the bands’ approach to these styles is still not quite conventional. It’s neither progressive nor particularly experimental, it’s just personal. There’s a touch of sludge and discordant noisiness here that adds a little extra to the rather conventional guitarwork, and the drumming breaks the mould a bit. For the most part, the band also stick to a broken mid-pace approach, which works for Overlord Industries.

Somewhat twisted, decidedly un-human and rusty, Superunderground Vehicle is the first major step in a right direction for the Swedish trio. Sadly, the band would not stick around for much longer to evolve into their full potential.