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Overlord Industries from Sweden were another band I became familiar with through the webzine I ran at the time. I think I received all of their demos for review, and was at one time in sporadic contact with one of the members, Patrik, who even ended up drawing the cover artwork for the second issue of the occult ambient/metal ‘zine I did two issues of (or maybe I used something he drew earlier? Can’t remember). I also remember I did two interviews with the band, one for the webzine and a second one for the aforementioned paper ‘zine.

One would be forgiven if he thought Overlord Industries were (are?) a joke band based on the title of this demo, but they weren’t. But I think it is safe to say they had an odd sense of humour. However, oddities and joking aside, from the start Overlord Industries were a rather ambitious band who refused to fit into any convenient niché. This demo is a combination of many different styles packaged into an overarching style that can only be described by the loose term of extreme metal: there’s death metal,  grindcore, some sludge-elements, and discordant tone that’s not too far from noise rock.

Let down by a flat production, this demo presents a band determined to tread their own path, but still not even nearly mature enough to do that and write memorable music.