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ORNIAS fodelseI received this CDr version of the demo/EP the band later released on tape for review in the webzine I was running at the time (which, later, transformed into a paper fanzine which ran for two issues until changing name and focus and ran for four further issues under the new name). This is just a regular bulk CDr with a lyric sheet, nothing more, but it does contain two tracks not present on the official versions: Dröm Av Ondo and Eternal Serenity.

The band, who would go on to release a full-length on Regimental Records in 2007 and a self-released EP in 2009 (according to Metal Archives; Discogs does not know of this latter release) play on this, their second release after the Förintelse-demo from 2004, a pretty generic form of black metal. It’s full of buzz-sawing guitars, fast drumming and screamed hoarse vocals. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either too derivative to be worth a damn, or passable. The latter if you take it for what it is, the second release of a new band who’re still looking for their own angle, and the former if you expect a fully matured release.

Most of the repeat the same overall pattern: fast drumming – probably as fast as the drummer could perform (or is this a drum machine programmed to sound a bit shoddy? Hard to tell), sawing guitars and what little melody or hooks there are here, all provided by the singer. They’ve clearly listened to their 90’s countrymen and Norwegian neighbors.

The truth is, Födelse is totally derivative, unoriginal and generic. There’s not a single element here to put them apart from the throngs of black metal bands making their way out of the woodwork during that time. And, truth be told, Ornias don’t manage to make up for the lack of originality with quality either, really: whilst not bad, Födelse isn’t by any stretch good either. Things aren’t helped by a soft and flat sound with dull thumping drums and thin guitars… but it’s a demo, so what else can you expect?