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r-6173243-1412889203-2161-jpegIt’s not every day you come across skinhead oi! from Chile. Orgullo Sur, however, hail from there and have stuck to their guns for a full decade by now, having formed in 2006. This is their second album, and whilst it is an improvement on the debut, Salud Por Los Skinheads from 2010, it’s still nothing but mediocre.

Their style is pretty generic, tried and tested oi! with a rather rocking edge to it. Singalong choruses aplenty, angry vocals, catchy vocal lines, it’s all here. There is a strong element of classic 80’s UK oi here, but it’s not a carbon copy of the classic UK sound. However, neither is there much originality in here, it’s all something you’ve heard countless times before if you’re into the genre. And, sadly, Orgullo Sur aren’t good enough to make up for lack of originality with sheer quality.

For all its failures, Sureño Rural Y Brutal is still a decent piece of generic oi, and in all fairness certainly better that the endless hordes of boring cookie cutter bands from Germany. But considering there’s so much better stuff out there, there’s really no reason to spend money on this.