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91843I was given this CD as a Yule gift from my girlfriend at the time. If I recall things correctly, which is a thing that can often justly be called into question, it was the same Yule evening that I proposed to her, which would mean Yule 2005. And, just as an aside, the road that this evening was a milestone on, is one we still walk today.

This is where Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio truly blossom in my opinion. Spiritual Front complement the Swedish group nicely, but the day is without a doubt ORE’s. Both present three tracks on their own and two collaborations, and apart from the loop-based outro, there’s not a single weak moment here. Where ORE present decadent and deviant but ultimately rather romantic eroticism, Spiritual Front add a touch of nostalgia of bygone days and no small amount of moral decadence of their own. The charismatic vocals and traditional instrumentation of Italian Spiritual Front really paints vivid images of fascist-era Italy or Spain, and instill a probably misguided (and probably intentionally so) sense of wistful nostalgia of these ‘bygone days of glory’. ORE, on the other hand, are full of love, desire and sadomasochistic sex – but also religion and what could perhaps be called elitistic philosophy (“Confide in me and tell me, why the worthless never die”). It’s a great combination.

Picking out an absolute favourite is deceivingly easy: ORE’s Three Is An Orgy, Four Is Forever is without doubt the culmination of this album. The reason why it’s deceiving is that other than that, Satyriasis is extremely even in its high quality.

For me, personally, this album stands as a high point in the discography of both artists.