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ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO wedlock of equilibriumThe second album of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, renamed from Ordo Equilibrio after the Swedish outfits’ third album, sees no radical change to the previous album – but that is scarcely surprising considering they are companion albums. However, whilst both have their highlights, Wedlock Of Equilibrium is, as a whole, slightly stronger than Wedlock Of Roses, and therefore the better of the two. Overall though, Make Love, And War is not complete without both albums (and they have subsequently been reissued together in one package).

The style is again much more neofolk than the ambient, martial-tinged industrial Ordo Equilibrio explored before adding Rosarius to the name. However, instead of the absolutely cliché acoustic guitar-and-voice, there’s a larger emphasis on militant, martial percussion and synthesizers, which does separate ORE favourably from the most generic exponents of neofolk.

All in all, Make Love, And War in general and The Wedlock Of Roses in particular is a very adequate piece of music. The high point, both musically and lyrically, is the final song (not counting the outro) Rituals Of Love In The Passage Of Genocide. Song Of Rose, which perfectly illustrates ORE’s approach to lyrics, as well as Tomas’ ever improving vocal delivery.