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ORDO EQUILIBRIO the triumph of lightThe later incarnation of this project, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, has released some stuff that’s definitely high in my list of favourite recordings ever. However on this, the projects’ second album, they’re still quite far from the dark, apocalyptic neofolk/pop approach that I like the best. There’s a lot of rather ambient-styled industrial here besides the more neofolk songs, and whilst some of the bands stylings, such as main man Tomas’ calm, laconic vocal delivery that’s much more spoken word than singing, and the combination of eroticism and themes of war, religion and fascism among other things, are already in place here, comparing to later albums The Triumph Of Light… comes across as rather embryonic.

Unlike the releases further on down the road, this album is not a very interesting to listen to with any amount of concentration. It’s quite boring, in fact. As background music goes, it’s passable and has a nice, serene but still unnerving atmosphere, but The Triumph Of Light… isn’t really good for much more.

Luckily, they got better with time.