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51swwkm7fml-_sy300_B-side collections are most often definitely something for dedicated fans only. B-sides of singles gave the bands a chance to try out different things, experiment and bit and publish tracks rejected from albums. This is true for OMD also, as this 19-track compilation ranging from their earliest days to 1991 proves. Most of the tracks have a decidedly experimental vibe to them, as the band explores territory alien to their albums in terms of experimentation with soundscapes, voyaging into darker atmospheres than on their albums, and in general just writing tracks with a more or less un-OMD’ish feel to them.

For dedicated fans, this is an interesting glimpse into another side of the band, and for collectors, a nifty way of getting a heap of B-sides compiled together on one disc instead of spread around twenty or so singles. For the rest, a compilation of tracks that were excluded from the albums with good reason. Honestly: among the 19 tracks, there’s not a single one that’s really worth more than one listen at most.

Interesting curiosities these tracks may be, but a good album they do not make.