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Runemagick: For You, My Death

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most powerful and evocative. Such is indeed the case with Swedish Death/Doom Metal band Runemagicks’ masterpiece For You My, Death. The lyrics of this four-minute song consist of four simple lines, which despite their simplicity hold in them such power:

“For you, my death
For you, my life
For you, my soul
For you, my death”

The slow march of the drums, the majestic guitars, perfectly accentuated by the solo towards the end of the song, and the gruff vocals that deliver the lyrics with a reverence and almost ritualistic chant. The song is a dedication, a prayer, a salutation, a homage. Usually “beautiful” in Metal music seems to be a term used with over-melodic material over saturated with synths, female vocals and that whole thing, but to me, this is a song with more genuine beauty in it than most of that whole lot.

Many have tried to write odes and homages to death (and other things) using far more complex and eloquent turns of phrase, but few have managed to create something as enduring, honest and beautiful as Runemagick. And so economically at that, too.